Wild Sunshine Threads: Brands We Love


It’s been ages since I’ve had Ronin be my model for a post, but a great mood and sunshine after a storm seemed to be the perfect formula. When he was little, bibdanas saved us on numerous occasions from spit, food, and whatever else seemed to dribble down his sweet chin. These days, we love to use them as not only bibs, but as additions to outfits too!

Through the wonderful world of social media, we happened upon the lovely shop, Wild Sunshine Threads. This sweet company, headed by one heck of a maker mama, Emily, makes not only amazing quality bibdanas, but turbans, slouchy hats, and mommy + me sets. Emily takes the time and care needed to create great pieces that work with your little ones and offers them for a great price. Believe me, we’ve spent an arm and a leg on baby accessories, but it’s always the brands with the best customer service we stick with. Wild Sunshine Thread has not only shown great love in their quality, but also customer satisfaction as well.

One of the few that Ronin will keep on all day, this particular bibdana features a soft grey flannel for its backing, keeping his little neck comfy and clean. The print itself is beyond beautiful… I love anything geometric, triangles most of all! The colors are neutral and work with so many outfits, it’s hard to not want to have him wear it everyday!

DSC00093 2

DSC00091 2

DSC00108 2

DSC00101 2

To pick up some of these amazing products, check out Wild Sunshine Threads! With how much we love her products, we know you will too. Use code WILD15 for 15% off your purchase – offer expires August 13, 2015 at 5pm PST.

Follow along with Wild Sunshine Threads on Instagram for some of the cutest customer and shop photos. Believe me, every photo you see will make your ovaries ache for more squishy babes of your own!


Hashtag Ronin Riot

Every once in a while, our little boy throws me through a loop. I can’t believe that he’s one or that he’s become such a little human. He walks, talks (in his own way) and genuinely feels emotions. With all the hobbies and interests his dad and I are into, I love that Ronin mimics our likes. Be it photography or chewing on cameras, strumming a ukelele or banging on a piano, my goal is to give him every opportunity to be the best and happiest he can be. This morning, I caught a glimpse of the future. Sitting outside, I sadly came to the realization that my trusty Canon, that I’ve had since graduation from high school, is on the fritz. I set it down for a moment to grab Galen’s and came back to this. Ronin had taken it upon himself to sit with it, play with it, and even attempt to hold the screen to his face. It was a beautiful sight and I am so amazed with him every day.


Ronin’s wearing the Hashtag shirt from & Apparel! Click here to get one for your little one.

Little Boogaweezin Ambassadors, SS14

LB Style Ambassadors: Mary & Ronin

A few months ago, Ronin and I were chosen to be style ambassadors for Spring/Summer 2014 for one of my all time favorite brands – Little Boogaweezin! This rad brand has clothing for mamas and little ones. Not only is LB amazing in their product design, but they’re buttery soft, perfectly cut tees and tops allow for trendy styling and great outfits! Throughout the season, we’ll be sharing how we style our LB gear and show you our favorite outfits. Be it a crop on mama or a tank on the babe, we’ll have great ideas for you on how to style your way through spring and summer.

Photography by Shannon Bray

Original Post on March 27, 2014 on http://www.atlanticdaydreams.com

Dream On Youth

I try to make it a point to use my ‘social media powers’ for good and promote all the beautiful people who have supported me over the years. I recently spoke with one of those beautiful people – Cydney Irby, founder of the non-profit organization, Dream On Youth. Cydney is such an amazing, kind-hearted individual and she is truly someone that I strive to be more like every day.

“As cheesy as it sounds, Dream On Youth isn’t just a brand, it’s a lifestyle. It started on March 27, 2012. I won’t lie, I didn’t know what I was doing at first. My parents had always pushed me into the direction of my dreams. I wanted to do the same for those who don’t have that support system. DOY is that support system. We are those shoulders to lean on, your cheer squad, your sunshine even on the darkest days. We were made to promote optimism, work ethic, and imagination in this crazy world! I only say we because there are currently nine of us. We cover every aspect from fashion and music to bringing awareness to pressing issues in society. Run by women, Dream On Youth is ready to take over.

I think it’s funny because most people must assume I am making money off of it somehow. I’m not! I am literally doing what I love because I want to. There is no better feeling than knowing I impacted someone’s life. There is no greater joy than hearing someone say “you’re my role model” just because I am happily chasing my dreams! I have very real issues to deal with and times get hard but since our first birthday, DOY has changed my view on everything. I am living an amazing life. I am blessed. I am finally happy and it feels phenomenal!”


Check out Cydney’s personal blog here and Dream On Youth here!

Written by Shannon Bray