Ninj + Ninj, Planner Perfection

Back to school. Play dates. Mom stuff. My days are filled with a beautiful array of organized chaos which carries me through the week. I love it, but I admit, I remember about 12% of what is going on each day. I loved middle and high school’s tiny planners for remembering just what needed to get done and go do.

As I reached the point of needing to keep track of not only my life and schedule, but three kids and one handsome fella, my tiny little pocket planner no longer sufficed. In comes Ninj&Ninj. My lady knights in shining paper armor. Two awesome ladies based in Michigan, Niki and Jenna started making wonderful paper goods for folks. Not only do they specialize in planners, but in cards, prints, invites, and notebooks.

When my planner arrived in the mail, I rushed inside to rip the package open. It was even better than I imagined… protective cover on the outside, stickers to brighten each page, the cutest magnetic bookmark, and my favorite feature – starting in August. Academic calendars have always been my jam. I find I rarely keep track of things when I try to get in the habit come January (so much for New Year’s resolutions). Starting in August kick starts a whole new wave of organization, and with this pretty paper babe by my side, I’m ready to take on everything.


For your very own planner, be it academic, wedding, a new notebook… check out Ninj&Ninj here!


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