Project Capsule Wardrobe: Shoes


This is by far my hardest capsulation… shoes.

How do you pair down to the essentials? Well, I let myself stray a bit from my usual strict numbers that reign supreme in my closet. Shoes are a different beast, a totally unusual specimen. They can make or break an outfit, be solely for winter or summer, rain or shine. So why be so hard on myself? Why take away from something I love so much, something I truly take joy out of?

Remember, capsule wardrobes can be done for every season or the whole year. Shoes are no different. Rain/snow boots, flip-flops, sneakers, high heels, all have a time and a place to be worn. Don’t beat yourself up if you end up keeping a few extra pairs that you know may come in handy or have in the past. My Hunter and Minnetonka boots for instance, are for absolutely different uses, just as my Merrell and Converse sneakers are. I wear them all for various reasons and none stay dormant in the depths of my closet for more than a few months.

So here’s my suggestion for all you shoe lovin’ gals like me. If you wear ’em, keep ’em.  If you’ve been hoarding them since high school or the soles are stapled helplessly back on, it’s time to say goodbye. I’ve created a simple checklist for must-have categories with a few extra spaces for you to decide what to keep.

The Sneakers:


1-2 Pairs of Casual

The Beat Up Pair



The Boots:

Rain Boots

1-2 Pairs of Ankle Boots

Snow Boots (if applicable)



The Fancies:


High Heels




The Sandals:



Flip Flops



Remember, these are simply suggestions. Take or leave what YOU prefer. I have a thing for sneakers and Toms, and my wardrobe reflects just that. Going into fall, I really suggest having a great pair of boots, a kick ass pair of clogs, and a wonderful pair of sneaks. For a brief rundown of what I like to keep on hand, look below! I’ve included links to where you can purchase some of them as well.

Don’t judge, I know I have a few too many, but let’s be honest here.

I’m a woman and I love shoes. A lot.

What’s in My Closet?

The Sneakers: Black All-Star Lean Converse, White Keens MaderasBlack Authentic Vans, Blue Lo-Pro Vans, Merrells, Red Canvas TOMS.

The Boots: Minnetonka Tramper Boots (Brown), Minnetonka Fringe Boots (Black), Black Gloss Hunter Boots, Brown Ankle Boots

The Fancies: Lotta from Stockholm Nubuck Clogs, BCBG Peep Toe Pumps, Mossimo Peep Toe Mules, Mossimo Beige High Heeled Booties, Mossimo Black/Brown Flats, Mustache Loafers

The Sandals: F21 Black Sandals, Rainbow Flip-Flops, Reef Flip-Flops

So I’m not the worst… but I’ll admit, I’d love to have a walk-in closet with so many shoes that I could wear a different pair every day for a year. But alas, that’s for my crazy heart, not based in practicality at all. So I’ll stick with my almost 20 pairs of shoes and call it a day. Happy purging!!


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