A Touch of Sage: A New Kindred Wrap

With the end of the summer coming to a close, back to school looming on the horizon, and a toddler who sees adventure in every sidewalk crack, it’s nice to take a minute to soak in the simple beauty around. I’ve taken my time the past few days, slowed my pace to savor the sun filled moments that our Florida family basks in. While I’m sad to see the summer go, fall is my absolute favorite – the colors, the clothing, the endless new explorations that become fond memories.

For those of you who have followed along with my, you know I’m an avid believer in minimalism when it comes to my wardrobe. Everything I own is in a very specific color palette, style, and has an air of simplicity to each piece. Being a mother, I truly relish in maternal accessories that not only serve a great function but are of the highest quality and style. Last month I had the pleasure of introducing many of you to Kindred Wrap, a wonderful woven wrap company that truly shows artistry in each wrap produced. My interview with the owner, Halli, shares her vision and mission as well as the beauty she creates with each new pattern.

I was incredibly excited to be able to test and incorporate the newest Kindred Wrap, Sage Ballard Stripe, which releases today!! It is the perfect color to match with my blues, neutrals, and greens, with the elegant simplicity of wide spaced stripes to match with just about every outfit. This color… the best way I can describe it is if fairies wove a wrap from the softest silver and sweetest sage leaves in a field just outside of heaven. It’s perfection. I am using a size 6 for the versatility of wraps that can be done and I admit, no matter the carrier, my favorite carry is always on my hip. I love the kissable distance I have to Ronin’s head, the comfort and ease of having free hands, and the ability to shoulder carry my tote/purse.







I’m not the only one who loves this wrap. As I write, Ronin is sound asleep, nestled in it’s woven embrace. The weight and gentle fabric rest easily on his skin, keeping him cool in the heat. When we’re not using it, you can bet it’s on his bed or in his teepee, awaiting another book reading binge that requires it’s presence.



As the summer turns to fall, I’ll be sharing more ways to wrap and outfits that can be worn with my darling Sage. For those of you who don’t wrap yet, don’t fret! I know wrapping can seem intimidating and downright hard, but let me tell you, it’s not. I practiced wrapping a teddy bear before I even tried to put Ronin in – practicing on a squirmy toddler is not the most accomplished feeling. I got the motions down, figured out just how I was most comfortable, and then slowly introduced it to my little guy. Don’t worry if your rails are tight on your first try, don’t freak out if you feel like you need a second person there as support. Take your time. Make it enjoyable! Wrapping is an amazing way to babywear and Kindred Wrap is a great company to start with.

Outfit details for those looking to start on their own Project Capsule Wardrobe:

Shirt: Forever 21 White Pintuck Blouse

Jeans: Bullhead Super Skinnies

Clogs: Lotta From Stockholm



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