Ronin Turns 2 + Despicable Me Party

The moment came when our sweet little boy turned two. The moment when I realized he’s no longer a ball of squish, a sweet bundle who loves cuddles with me day and night.



While I reminisce on times before he could say, “No,” a party must be planned. We opted for a smaller family affair, complete with pizza, cake and of course, Despicable Me. I love crafting and making absolutely everything, but this year I opted for a few store bought goodies to make life a tad simpler. Blue and yellow plates, Despicable Me tablecloth, napkins, and balloons, and a few Pringle cans disguised as Minions.

A lover of goodie bags, I had to tone back my usual extravagance and instead gifted guests with party poppers (adult supervised of course) and single packs of Neat Cheeks wipes. The poppers cost $1 a piece and we’re incredibly entertaining. The wipes were a great way for each kiddo to grab and wipe their cake covered faces and fingers. If you’ve never used Neat Cheeks, give ’em a try! They’re lightly flavored with Stevia, a 0 calorie sweeter that makes getting your image



le one’s face cleaned on the go a breeze.

The night was wonderful, full of Despicable Me (1+2), Nerf wars and tons of edible goodness! Let’s just say our house is now stocked full of Nerf guns and darts, Minions, and toy cars to boot.

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