Succulents + Clippings

After joining the craze of succulents, I wanted to try and grow a few myself. A small variety of crassula was the perfect way to start. I have been reading up on just how to perfectly use clipping to grow new plants, so now I’ll share with you what I’ve learned! For watering, fertilizing, and basic care, my favorite resource is the Cactus & Succulent Society of San Jose. They can tell you much better than I can how to keep your little organisms healthy and thriving.

I started my endeavor with a small succulent, only $2.50 from Home Depot and already starting out a healthy life. After a month of insuring the little guy’s health and survival, I started my project. Carefully, I pulled the lower leaves from the stem. You should here a healthy snap as it seperates. Do this to a few to start, or if you’re in it to win it, as many as you like. The top cluster can also be plucked and treated in the same fashion.

The clippings then need to callous over at the break point. I gave mine a few days to be sure they were dry before taking them to the next step. With a wonderful, sun filled window in our kitchen, I took a shallow dish, a layer of succulent soil (which can be bought at garden centers everywhere) and laid the clippings on top. Plenty of sunshine and a spritz bottle to lightly mist the soil, along with a smudge of patience is all you need now.





If you’re like me, you check your plants daily… oh ok, like ten times a day. At first I was so concerned that I had pulled the clippings from the main plant for nothing, but sure enough, after 11 days, tiny roots began to shoot from the calloused ends. As the clippings continue to grow and blossom, I’ll post more information and photos!

If you’re looking for an easy, fun, and incredibly cute DIY project, check out my Hipster Horticulture tutorial on how to make a sweet succulent terrarium.


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