Project Capsule Wardrobe: The Button Ups and the Denim

Whittling down your wardrobe to be a sliver of what it once was is a difficult task. Let’s face it, there’s a flannel you have that you wore to an epic concert one night or a pair of jeans that got you through high school. Take a second and ask yourself…

Have I worn this in the past year?

Does it fit?

Is it in wearable condition?

Am I able to add this into my capsule wardrbobe?

Did you answer no to any of these? If ya did, to the giveaway pile it goes. If yes to it all, keep it! It must have weathered the closet for a reason.
For me, I love the versatility of button ups. As an over shirt or on its own, with skirts, leggings, or pants, over a dress elegantly knotted at the waist, the options are endless. I hoarded flannels from years ago and had three chambray shirts collecting dust.

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 presetThere were four that made the cut: Madewell Chambray, Old Navy Flannel, Cotton On Green Button-Up, and an ancient HM 3/4 Sleeve Flannel. Each item has been worn recently and embodies a neutral class that I love for any outfit.

Onto denim… I say denim because this doesn’t include all bottoms for me. Skirts and shorts will follow in another post, but right now, it’s all about the denim. I’m a believer that jeans can be justified for almost any occasion. Black. Green. Blue. Dark Wash. Destroyed. Boyfriend. Skinny. The choice is yours!

I reserve the right to switch out any pair at any time, but honestly, as a pretty short gal who enjoys skinnier fits, Bullhead is my go to denim. After managing a PacSun for years, I’ve seen their stock vary and denim come and go, but Bullhead has pulled through on top. Varying styles and washes make them a one stop shop for me and always leave me stoked on my purchase.

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

From left to right, I have Bullhead Skinny Chinos in Green, Bullhead Black Jeggings, Bullhead High Rise Skinniest in Medium Wash, and Bullhead Low Rise Skinniest in Dark Wash. Like I said, I love my Bullhead. I live in them.

So there you have it, button ups and denim for #projectcapsulewardrobe! Check back in soon for a worksheet to help you sort and plan your wardrobe. Feel free to ask any questions or for help in finding the pieces you need to make the perfect wardrobe for you. Remember, the colors, styles, and number of items per category are completely up to you. Hate jeans? Sub in another skirt or dress. Nothing is set in stone, it’s all about you and your style.

Happy closet purging friends!


3 thoughts on “Project Capsule Wardrobe: The Button Ups and the Denim

  1. Kelly says:

    Hi! I follow you on IG and am so happy you are doing capsule wardrobe lessons! I’m ok with the number of flannels I have 3 and one dark chambray. That’s doable for me…but only 4 pairs of jeans?!! I think I own at least 15. Because I like skinnies, flares, boots, I can’t pick only 4! Can I just capsule everything else and not my beloved pants?! Lol help!!


    • Mary Varuska says:

      Oh I feel ya. There are a few things that are harder for me to pair down. I’d say if you wear them regularly or have in the past year, keep ’em! You don’t have to completely limit yourself to what I have done. My goal is to keep the number of items I have at 40 or less to ensure I’m not spending for no reason or hoarding. You can always have more jeans, less shorts and skirts. Do what you feel is right for you!


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