Thread Wallets, Card Carrying Minimalism


I always find myself hoarding gift cards with only a dollar so left, change I’ll never use, and receipts from items I don’t even remember buying. My wallet always seems to take up the most room in my purse. Upon looking, I came across a wonderful company, Thread Wallets.

This wonderful company gives a lesson in minimalism that is both affordable and practical. Simply meant to carry your essential cards, some cash and of course a place for your keys, this wallet proves to be perfect for pockets, purses, backpacks, and anywhere else you might stick it! With a range ofatterns and colors the vary from plain to color block, tribal prints to pineapples, you’re sure to find the perfect match for your life.



Being a mama, this wallet is more than just paring down for me. My son loves to take all my cards, change, and anything else he finds in my wallet and hide them sneakily around our house. Not only is this call in a little bit tougher for a toddler to pull a card out of, it’s also much easier to hide in my purse or pocket. There’s no zippers to fuss with, snaps to worry about, or ornamentation that has no function.

Being an up and coming company, Thread Wallets has a kickstarter in motion right now, with 12 days let’s! Backers are eligible for great rewards including the new 2.0 wallet, featuring an extra space for cash. These tight knit marvels of the wallet world are perfect for minimizing your cards, carrying essentials, and dropping the extra weight and bulk of the traditional monsters we’ve come to expect. Head over and back this rad brand as they revolutionize how we see and use wallets.


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