A Day in the Life, the Rhythm of Our Day


Every day brings a new life to lead, an adventure unseen, a story to write. The love shared between mother and child is beyond compare. My day begins with the most beautiful sound of rustling sheets and the clutch of a tiny hand on my shirt.

Out we wander into the living room, dancing sunlight through the window panes invites us to join in. While the rest of the house sleeps, the coffee begins to drip into a bottomless cup. After a moment of savoring the sweet aroma wafting from the kitchen, we wake up the girls with a happy, “Hi!” then they’re ready for school and out the door.


A pile of books line the side of the couch, so many stories to read I can’t even count. But this little man of ours is sidetracked by the simple dock in our backyard. Carefully we take our seats on weathered wood as we watch the fish fly and the manatees hug the shore. All the while, Ronin holding my hand and whispering “wow.” I sip my coffee, the warmth of the sun complimented by the love I have for this life we created.

Once daddy is up, breakfast is served and daily plans are made. Is it to the beach today, to blanket our toes in the sand? Or to Amma and Bopa’s house to share in smiles and Spaghetti-os? Our days are filled with endless possibility, but always the water calls and we    answer with resounding love.

After apples and oranges, now scattered artfully chaotic on the floor, our dock once more becomes our resting place. With the warmer weather and the salty seas, the manatees once again show their sweet noses. We watch with wonder, with an uninhibited sense of whimsy as these gray hued mermaids play gently at our feet. As noon passes, his eyes begin to sag. With a hug of my neck, he settles in the sling. I hold him close in a linen embrace, reading my book and smelling the sweet little head nestled under my chin.

The brightness of day is hugged by the soft embrace of night, and the setting sun slips slowly beneath a technicolor blanket. With a belly full of a home cooked meal, a bath becomes a an adventure to an underwater kingdom. I scoop out a squirming toddler, towel him off and on go pajamas. Our night wraps up with kisses good night, more books with pages skipped clutter the floor below.

Our day together is finally through, as I sing a lullaby passed down through motherhood. Twice I sing and with a brush of my lips on his forehead, the sleepiest eyes close with the sweetest of dreams. All the while I hum to myself, as I turn out the lights, that lullaby I hold so close to my heart. The first song he heard, when he entered this world, the last song I’ll sing when I leave this earth…

“I see the moon, and the moon sees me.

Down through the leaves of the old oak tree.

Love let the moon that shines on me,

Shine on the one I love.”


And with that ends today, but on to tomorrow, where I’ll shower him with more love, more kisses, more snuggles.


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