What Ronin Wore

Florida in the summer and Florida in autumn have very few differences… Sure the rain subsides in the afternoon, but as for cooler weather, forget it! Sometimes it’s a bummer to think of all the snow days we miss, hot cocoa around a fireplace, ya know, wintery things! On this hot September day, Ronin is cool and comfy in some of our favorite brands. You’ve seen them here before and you’ll continue to see the heck out of these three brands because of their durability, style, and overall amazingness.

& Apparel is a great go to brand for mamas and little ones. Whether you need a tee, statement necklace, or skirt for you or a comfortable and stylish outfit for your babe, you really can’t go wrong. The tee Ronin is wearing only gets softer with every wash and the embroidered ampersand is so soft and delicately placed that Ronin doesn’t even know it’s there!

You know we love Hoonana, makers of the finest little boy shorts and pants ever! Offering style, durability, and buttery soft material, you’ll be stocking up on their bottoms for years! Based in LA, Hoonana consistently puts out trendy colors and style for the little men in your life. Check out my interview with them here!

Oh Toms, how we love you. While they may seem as though they’re on the pricey side, they’re no more than your average pair of moccs and much less than designer kicks. Velcro or lace up, these shoes are perfect for new walkers and lifesavers when you need to get out the door quickly. While I don’t advise hard soles when your little one is starting to walk, these are great for toddlers on the move!


Original post September 15, 2014 on http://www.atlanticdaydreams.com


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