To be a Mama…

I can’t lie, for most of my childhood image.jpgand up until meeting Galen, I wasn’t an avid child advocate. Don’t get me wrong, I love kids, I just wasn’t sure I wanted any of my own. It seemed like an enormous responsibility that I was not willing to sacrifice for. When I found out we were expecting, my attitude changed in an instant.

Almost instantaneously I felt ccomplete. I started my journey, my adventure of taking on a new role that meant showing a tiny human what it means to be true, loving, and good.

Motherhood is a gift, no matter how you come into it. I’m genuinely happy and truly grateful for the opportunity to show my son how to be honest and true, sweet and loving. Mama means more to me than being a mother, it means being a guardian, a protector, a shoulder, a warm embrace.

Ronin’s outfit:

Tee – Dear Cub

Denim – Curly Qs Counter

Hat – made by me!

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