Tiff Delancy

I have such a deep love for babywearing for many reasons! First of all, keeping my babe close is the biggest perk, of course! I have been able to successfully breastfeed for over two years now and I can definitely say I owe it to baby wearing!  The ease of being able to nurse whenever and wherever is just beyond amazing! Also, the luxury of being on the go with a napping babe snuggled close makes travel – and just life in general – so much easier! I truly can’t imagine how I would get through motherhood without that advantage!

Babywearing has a very special place in my mothering world. I can’t imagine how I could have gotten through traveling, teething, and just day to day life with out it. I feel it plays a huge role in the success we have had nursing for over two years. It makes breastfeeding so accessible anywhere and everywhere, no matter what you’re doing! It’s a luxury and advantage I am so thankful to have!


Babywearing has also made it possible for me to do yoga more regularly by simply wearing her during my practice! I struggle (still) will finding time away from my little one, (as I am sure many mamas do) so its nice to keep her close while incorporating her into something very special to me. And from that, I have seen a love for yoga of her very own grow and it makes my heart smile!

I am always thrilled to share my love for babywearing and I am so happy to see so many mamas and daddys embracing it as well! We have shared so many cherished moments this way and I will hold them close to my heart, always!

Tiff DeLancy


Orignal post on Febrauary 22, 2014 on http://www.atlanticdaydreams.com


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