Thrifty Shorts for the Frugal Mama

I don’t know about you, but as much as I love to be in style and in on trends, I find myself constantly sticker shocked by the prices of some clothes these days! When I was single, managing a retail store, in college… those were the times spending  $50 on a pair of shorts seemed like nothing. But now, even with the ability, I can bring myself to spend so much on something I can make.


High waisted shorts and jeans are my best friends. After I had Ronin, my once flat and unscathed  stomach became reminiscent of a tiger mauling. My stretch marks made me cringe and the extra skin never fit quite right in my regular pants. I’ve since come to terms with my new “womanly” touches, but still do not want to flaunt my newly aquired decorations.

On that note, I wanted to share a quick and dirty solution to spending an arm and a leg on shorts for spring. This can be adapted for so many women and all you need is roughly $5, 5 minutes and a pair of scissors. Head to your favorite thrift store. For me, I’m about the size of Thumbelina, so I shop for bottoms in the little boys section. However, the beauty of thrift stores is the prevalence of mom jeans. Simply find a few pairs of denim that fit you to your comfort and buy them! The pair I chose was a whopping $1.50. Big spender, I know.

Now the fun part. When you get home, try them on one more time. With a pencil or pins, mark two inches below where you want them to fall on your thigh. Slip them off (carefully if you use pins!) and fold them with the fly inside. Cut along the line you predetermined and don’t worry if it’s not perfect! Remember to cut mildly at an angle for booty room. Now, try them on one more time. Fold the cut edged twice until they are desired length.



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