Ronin + Rory

I can’t tell you how sweet it is to see your child play with another. Especially when the two bald headed babes giggle and gurgle, hold hands and knock heads. Last week, Ronin made a new buddy in our lovely friend Lindsey’s little boy, Rory. These two fellas, born two days apart, bonded immediately. It’s so wonderful to have babies so close in age – on one hand they’re around the same developmental stages and on the other, mamas are able to swap stories on milestones and favorite foods. These boys melted our hearts and showed even the youngest among us understand what friendship is.

Remember, your little one is a social creature. Interacting with mama can be lovely for a stretch, but children need to acclimate to social situations in which they can meet others of the same [or close] age. While you may not understand right away, babies and young children do have fun together! Whether they’re drooling on favorite teethers, having a bottle together, or napping semi-simultaneously, socializing will allow your child to better adjust to the days when daycare or school become a daily activity.

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