Ronin Riot and Theodore Scotch

1413048871439With International Babywearing Week coming to a close, I wanted to share some of the sweetness I get to live with on a daily basis. You see, babywearing isn’t just something that keeps your hands free and your little ones quiet. It’s a way to teach our children how to love, to nurture, and gives them a sense of security that they can take with them wherever they may explore.

I’ve been trying to instill the qualities of a good human being in Ronin since day one. His dad and I are extremely open in our beliefs and wish that every side of life, love, religion, politics, and so on, can be heard and understood.


Though we don’t necessarily believe in each of them, I like to think that we give our children the opportunity to grow in their own way, making their own educated choices. Babywearing has given us the chance to share a parenting style and educational facet of our son’s life to all our friends and family. And hopefully, one day years from now, Ronin will share this with his little ones.

Thanks for following along and stay tuned for more amazing folks sharing their love of babywearing!

xox Mary

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