Photo-Shoot Makeup Tips with Sarah Jordan

I get a lot of questions about my makeup techniques, most regarding my editorial/portrait work. Makeup specifically done for photos is a completely different process than everyday wear. Whenever I’m finished with a models makeup I always say “you look crazy now, but wait until you see the photos!”

The most important things to pay attention to when applying makeup for photographs:

Contour of the cheeks – In my opinion, this makes the most impact in a photograph. Highlighting bone structure is key! Your cheeks will not look as dramatic in pictures as they do in person.

Lip liner – The trick to a perfect pout is lip liner. For pictures I use a different shade lip liner to blend into the lipstick shade; almost like an ombré lip. Gives the perfect pop to any look.

Highlighter – A lot of people bypass this step, I’ve made it part of my foundation routine when doing any type of makeup. In photos, highlighter can make your face look completely different by effecting the way that the light is hitting your face. I heavily highlight the cheekbones (above your blush) and the t-zone of the face.

When trying to portray the simplest looks to the most extreme, the key is applying more makeup than you’d EVER wear on a regular basis. There’s a fine line between dramatic and a clown, so don’t overdo it!

Sarah Jordan

Original Post on January 31, 2014 on


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