Meet Laura Criscione of Vienna Springs

With baby wearing becoming a main stay in modern day parenting, we’re often overwhelmed with the various carriers on the market. Through my search for the perfect way to wear Ronin, I’ve stumbled happily into the lovely and talented lady behind Vienna Springs ring slings, Laura Criscione. From linens to silks, her slings are made with the same love and passion that she shares with wearing her little lady Leah. Learn more about this amazing woman and her company below!


AD: Tell us a little about yourself!

LC: My name is Laura. I recently just moved to San Diego from New York. I got married a few days before we moved here. We have one daughter (Leah) and two small dogs (Henry and Annie)

AD: What was your reason for choosing the name Vienna Springs?

LC: I chose the name Vienna Springs because I wanted something that had meaning and that sounded like a fresh start. Vienna is my daughters middle name and springs just sounds refreshing

AD: What prompted you to start making ring slings?

LC: I started sewing when I was little. My mother taught me because I was so tiny I had to tailor all my clothes to fit me. So after moving to Cali and waiting for my cosmetology license to transfer I decided to start making slings for my friends who were all pregnant. None of them have seen a ring sling until they saw mine but couldn’t really afford them. So I decided to make a more affordable option for everyone.

AD: What sling would you recommend for parents just starting out? And what type ofsling is you’re favorite?

LC: I like to make different options to give everyone a great experience with the ring slings. For people very new to slings I recommend a single layer linen. It’s very easy to learn with. For toddlers, I recommend a double layer linen or silk. Although I personally love silk for everyone. It can be the sling that you use from birth into toddler years without having to upgrade for more support.

AD: What would you recommend for first time wearers? Any advice?

LC: For parents who want to try I recommend watching YouTube videos before you purchase so you can get an idea how to use the sling. It does take some practice but don’t give up. Once you get the hang of it, it’s so rewarding.

AD: What do you love about baby wearing?

LC: I started baby wearing just around my house to get things done. When I realized how calm it made my daughter and how much she loved it I started wearing it everywhere. Leah loves it. We have a special bonding time when I wear her and she gets to experience the world from my point of view. Baby wearing has given me the freedom to continue to do the things I love without feeling overwhelmed. It really has made things so much easier and I wish to share this feeling with everyone.

To see more slings and to keep up to date with Vienna Springs, click here and follow along on instagram!

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