Jeans and a Tee for Ronin Riot

 I swear to you I don’t pose his child. Whip the camera out and all that happens is something like this. Shannon is a master of catching this sweet fella in his most adorable poses! Today we have Ronin in his Little Boogaweezin “Dear Big Me” tee, hooded button up from Target, and a pair of Curly Q’s Counter denim. Each item is ridiculously soft and pairs perfectly with one another. Layering is a great way to keep cool inside with the extreme air conditioning to heat of Florida, but also helps protect from the sun.

image.jpgIt took me quite a while to put Ronin in actual denim, but every item he has ever received from Curly Q’s Counter has been soft, broken in, and so unique. This isn’t the first time, or the last, you’ll hear me talk about this amazing brand. I absolutely love the owner of the company, abvery talented lady whom I have grown a wonderful friendship with. From vests two shorts and even the sweet aviator hat Ronin wears, every item is made with love and care. Not to mention every piece is unique, custom, and oh so trendy.

As for over shirts, I’m not preaching throwing your little one into flannel and having him over heat within a matter of minutes. This particular button up is extremely lightweight, hundred percent cotton. I found it on sale when I was pregnant at Target and fell absolutely love. The hood is perfect for those days when the sun is just a bit too strong or a breeze is chilling your babe. Living in Florida, I normally coat Ronin with a layer of sunscreen before we leave the house… Just as a precaution. But when it’s early enough in the morning, getting away with a light but not really does the trick.

Original Post May 27, 2014 on http://www.atlanticdaydreams,com


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