Hipster Horticulture

When beginning a craft involving plants, one of my first thoughts is, “Oh jeez, I wonder how long this one’s going to last.” I most certainly do not have a green thumb, but I also don’t kill everything I try to grow. Terrariums are a wonderful way to keep plants alive and healthy with minimal effort – and they look so cute! The simplicity of this craft makes it perfect for young children, teens, and adults. I do suggest doing this outside or on a covered table to make cleanup easier. It’s always more fun to finish a craft and not have to spend the next hour cleaning it up, especially when you have kids to entertain.

I know it may seem like this particular craft would be on the expensive side, but really it’s quite cheap! A twelve pack of Mason Jars (32 oz) are just $9.99 at Target and are quite versatile. I use these jars for crafts, homemade cleaners, storage, and much more.  These are also lovely gifts for bridesmaids or for wedding centerpieces! Rustic and sweet, they’re so simple and absolutely gorgeous. Succulents and sheet moss are both available in most gardening centers. I purchased a bag of sheet moss and three succulents for less than $9 total. To save a bit, you can simply use the soil that comes with the plants. If you’re like me though, there’s a bag of potting soil waiting patiently on your porch. Rocks, shells, etc., are free!! Just go on an adventure; whether it’s the beach or your backyard, this is a great way to involve kids of all ages.

Mason Jar (I prefer 32 oz)

Potting Soil

Rocks, Shells, Sea Glass, Sand, or Glass Beads


Optional Items: Sheet Moss, Figurines, Fake Flowers

Now, the fun part.

Once you have all your items, take the lid off the jar. Arrange your rocks, glass, beads, or whatever else you like in the bottom of the jar. It is completely your personal preference as to how much you put in – just make sure there’s at least a full layer. This will serve as drainage for the terrarium.

There are two ways to do this step; one is with additional potting soil, the other with the soil from the potted succulent. If using potting soil, add about a two-inch layer right on top of your first layer. If you didn’t want to buy the extra soil, just skip on down to step 3.

Remove the succulent from its container. You’ll want to keep most of the soil on the roots. Place the succulent in the jar and spread the clumped soil out among the bottom layer(s). Work a bit  more potting soil around the plant to anchor it securely in the jar. Moderately water the soil.

Here’s where you have a bit of freedom. Sheet moss can be added around the succulent to create a natural feel, fake flowers can be added for a more whimsical look, or small figurines can be placed inside to create a mini forest. Twist the lid on and voila!

Once you screw on the lid, minimal to no watering should be needed. Every couple weeks, check on your creation to make sure the soil is still damp. Keep jars in bright, indirect sunlight. Assignment Remember, succulents generally grow in correspondence to what they are planted in. When buying succulents and jars, make sure you are thinking about what will fit through the mouth of the jar when creating the terrarium. It’s totally fine if a few leaves fall off! Just take them and let them dry out for a couple days. After that, you can actually place them in soil and let them root. They’ll eventually grow into a full-size version of themselves and you can create your own succulent garden.


2 thoughts on “Hipster Horticulture

  1. Maressa says:

    i love this is perfect! I just bought my husband one yesterday for his birthday and was thinking I could totally make these…now I can!!!


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