Heather Talladay

Hi everyone! I am so thrilled to be able to share with you a little bit about myself and my family…and why baby/toddler wearing is so important to us.

I’m Heather. I’m 26. I’ve been married to my high school sweetheart Jared, for five years this November. Our firstborn son Rowan, will be three in November. Our daughter Briar is almost 15 months, and we recently found out that we are expecting our third baby in late spring! We are so thrilled and overjoyed to be welcoming more joy into our home. We have struggled with infertility, and the thankfulness of having our dreams of having a family come true will never fade from our hearts.


I have always been a fan of baby wearing. There is just something about it that makes sense to me. Then again, I’m a believer in the 4th Trimester and I guess we follow a lot of Attachment Parenting methods. Although I’ll admit that I didn’t really do much reading on it, I just knew what made sense for our family, and we do a mix of whatever works for us. So from the time Rowan was born, he rode along, close to me just about everywhere we went, and during the day at home as well. Then, once we were thrown into the beautiful business of having two under two…baby wearing was essential.

Jared is in school for Aerospace Engineering, and when Briar was a newborn he was gone for night classes a few days a week. Putting two kids to bed alone meant that I NEEDED an easy way to wear her.

I had a Moby Wrap, and although I learned the different wraps fairly quickly, I was not a fan of working with so much long fabric…while my baby was screaming to be back in my arms. It was hot, and I didn’t care for how it looked like a was wearing a big, lumpy shirt. We also had an Ergo (which I love!) but at the time she was too small for it.


Once I had discovered Sakura Bloom Ring Slings there was no going back. It was so easy to just slip over my head, put my baby in, and tighten. It was so quick! The fabric was light, but supportive, and it looked pretty, without taking over what I was wearing. I was in love!

We take our Sakura Bloom with us EVERYWHERE. I use it every single day (even now that my baby is a toddler), and my husband wears Rowan in the Ergo. We haven’t let having kids slow us down. Adventuring, exploring, going new places and doing fun things….we’re taking our babies along for the ride to experience all of the wonderful things that life has to offer.

1412882078889 Being a mama was like finally finding myself. I love it with every fiber of my being, and I know that I was meant to raise these beautiful children I’ve been blessed with. I think that knowing that…freed me in a lot of ways. I enjoy many things…(photography, fashion, reading, painting, music, baking…) and I haven’t lost those things in being a mother, but my interests have helped make me the person AND mother that I am.

Here are the details on what we use:

Sakura Bloom ring sling- Pure Linen, Classic Linen, and Simple Silk.

Ergo Performance.

 If you’d like to follow along and get a daily peek into the life of my little family- come find me on Instagram @heatherlizabeth! I love making new friends and building community with other mamas. I also blog at  I Lay Smiling …and I’d love to have you come visit and follow along!

Mama Wear: White Converse, h&m treated leggings, Modcloth button down // Target peplum top, Modcloth flats.

Briar Wear: fox hat knitted by a friend, flannel infinity scarf made by me, baby gap owl sweater, target boots.// Snape tshirt by PassiveJuiceMotel on Etsy, owl bonnet made by me.// Carter’s camo leggings, Hello Apparel ‘I’m Not Tired’ onesie.

Rowan Wear: h&m tshirt, baby gap jeans// gap fleece, gap jeans, target boots.

Original Post October 9, 2014 on http://www.atlanticdaydreams.com


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