Heather Edwards


Babywearing for me means I’m a successful mom – I’m a super mom!

1415723667807My husband is deployed so I need extra hands! And since that’s not happening I need my hands free! Doing the dishes, sorting and putting away laundry, groceries, cooking, walking the dog, yoga-  the sky is the limit while wearing Jax.

Babywearing has magic powers. Fussy? Up, up (that’s what we say) Tired? Up, up Overstimulated? Up, up  Not feeling good? Up, up  Jax settles in and nuzzles his face either into my breast or snuggles into my back and relaxes.  He loves to tuck his hands in between his belly and my lower back. It’s like a secret pocket made just for him.

There’s nothing I love more then slinging Jax up 1415723412375on my back and out the door we go for an adventure. He’s always babbling and pointing say ‘that, that!”  He’ll try over and over to repeat the word and we move on to another new sight, new word, new adventure.

I will carry Jax as long as he lets me. I choke up just thinking about not wearing him. The bond that has happened while babywearing makes my heart want to explode. I look down at him or feel his little heart on my back and my body is filled with love. I soak up every second having my son close.

Heather Edwards
IG -@heather1211

Original Post November 11, 2014 on http://www.atlanticdaydreams.com  


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