Hashtag Ronin Riot

Every once in a while, our little boy throws me through a loop. I can’t believe that he’s one or that he’s become such a little human. He walks, talks (in his own way) and genuinely feels emotions. With all the hobbies and interests his dad and I are into, I love that Ronin mimics our likes. Be it photography or chewing on cameras, strumming a ukelele or banging on a piano, my goal is to give him every opportunity to be the best and happiest he can be. This morning, I caught a glimpse of the future. Sitting outside, I sadly came to the realization that my trusty Canon, that I’ve had since graduation from high school, is on the fritz. I set it down for a moment to grab Galen’s and came back to this. Ronin had taken it upon himself to sit with it, play with it, and even attempt to hold the screen to his face. It was a beautiful sight and I am so amazed with him every day.


Ronin’s wearing the Hashtag shirt from & Apparel! Click here to get one for your little one.


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