Happy Valentine’s Day

We hope you all are having a lovely day or planning a wonderful night with the love of your life! I know today is extremely special for my man and me. It was three years ago exactly that a mutual friend of ours set us up on a blind date. I remember my nerves, my anticipation, my excitement. He was dreamy and oh so manly, he was perfect. That night, I had not one, but three Valentines! Galen had brought his two darling young ladies with him. We talked about jump rope, ate sushi, and had the kids insist on him being called “Prince Charming” and me being called “Princess.” The night ended with a kiss and hasn’t stopped yet. Three years later, we are still in love, have added our handsome little guy to our family, and have grown so much. I can’t imagine my life without him. He’s my lobster, my other half.

On that note, I wanted to share with you an alternative way to do the oh-so-sexy boudoir photographs that so many lovely ladies do. I just had Ronin in July and my poor stomach, though back in shape, has stretch marks slightly reminiscent to being clawed by a lion. That being said, Shannon and Sarah were able to help me put together an Audrey Hepburn inspired shoot that made me feel like I still had my feminine charm back. All you need is a camera, one of your man’s dress shirts, and your set! You can even use a tripod so this secret project can be kept solely between the two of you. Have fun with it! Smile, seduce, do your thang! Your man already knows and loves the real you, so take your moment to shine. For all you mamas out there who are looking for a way to feel sexy, confident, and romantic, don’t feel pressured to bare all! I am not an overtly sexy person, but even the “cute” ladies can have fun! Just be you, be beautiful.


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