Get the Look: Oversized Scarf

I’m in love with the giant, oversized scarf trend. There’s no other way to put it, I’m madly, hopelessly, shamelessly in love with it. I’ve begun to hoard scarves that I feel may fit this trend, but haven’t achieved the oversized glory of the ones I see in magazines and of course, on Pinterest. I finally found a way to achieve my ideal look with a very small price tag. It was as simple as a trip to my parent’s house to pick up some unused fabric remnants. My mom was about to giveaway a gorgeous piece of green plaid woven fabric. As soon as I saw it, I snatched it up and started wearing it. It took a bit of finesse, but I got the giant cloth piece fixed around my neck and let me tell you, it was warm, comfy, and looked adorable!

Here’s how to do it. Just get two yards worth of a fabric and print you love. If your wearing it for more than just a fashion statement, go with flannel, wool, or even fleece. Follow the steps below to get the look!


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