Everywhere I Go


Sunday morning naps are a wonderful time for a little quiet time to reflect on the life unfolding around me. With Galen and the girls gone today, Ronin and I are snuggled on the couch taking a break from the endless to-do list that seemed to accumulate over the past week.

It’s times like this that I truly treasure. Ronin’s dreaming with his little body sprawled out in the sweetest position and I’m soaking it in. I know it won’t last forever; I know he’ll be over snuggling with mama all too soon.

On that note, for all the mamas out there who read this, it’s ok to take your little one with you wherever you go… I sure do. Photo shoots, meetings, errands, Ronin comes with me more than not. It’s times like this that I truly feel we bond as mama and babe. As parents, we are the ringmasters of the circus of life. We introduce the acts and the animals. We explain the triumphs and the mistakes. We entertain and have no shame.

Thanks to Shannon, I get lovely snapshots like the one below to savor. Ronin is my first babe, maybe not my last, but he made me a mama – his mama. Everyday, everywhere, I hold this little boy in my heart.

Original post on March 23, 2014 on http://www.atlanticdaydreams.com

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