Ellen Page: Brave and Beautiful

We all are aware of the many hardships, prejudices, and inequalities that are prevalent in the LGBT community. What you all may not be aware of is an amazing organization, the Human Rights Campaign (HRC). This is a wonderful, powerful group that is aimed at “Working for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Equal Rights.” It is worth our time and effort to join in the efforts of campaigns like this to ensure equal treatment, rights, and privileges that the LGBT community is often denied. At the HRC’s Time to Thrive conference this year, Ellen Page was given an opportunity to speak. For those of you who don’t recognize her name right off hand, Page has starred in rolls such as Hard Candy, Juno, and Inception. Her versatility, passion, and beauty make her not only a dynamic actress, but also a genuine and wonderful human being. I was so moved to hear what she had to say. Page shares her bravery, her courage, and her insight on the need for fair and equal treatment in the LGBT community. Love is at the heart of her message and truth is in every word she speaks.

//www.youtube.com/embed/1hlCEIUATzg?wmode=opaque&enablejsapi=1","url":"http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1hlCEIUATzg&sns=fb","width":854,"height":480,"providerName":"YouTube","thumbnailUrl":"http://i1.ytimg.com/vi/1hlCEIUATzg/hqdefault.jpg","resolvedBy":"youtube"}” data-block-type=”32″>

    We love you too, Ellen Page.

To become a member of HRC, click here!


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