Day Time Makeup by Sarah Jordan

There’s a huge difference between day time and night time makeup. I see way too many ladies wearing such harsh makeup when out shopping or having lunch. Day time makeup should be soft and look almost effortless, not heavy and dark!

Here’s a picture of my day time makeup and a list of what I use:

Base: Smashbox Camera Ready BB in ‘light’. This BB cream has an SPF 35 which is SUPER important for day time wear. It is so light and moisturizing but still has a matte finish.
Blush: Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush in ‘memorable’. It’s such a nice pink that isn’t too dark, with the perfect amount of gleam.

Bronzer: Too Faced Chocolate Soleil Matte Bronzer. I use this for a tiny bit on contour on my cheekbones. Don’t overdo it on the bronzer!!

Eyeshadow: I stick to mostly browns and nudes, nothing too dark. I used the Naked pallet from Urban Decay in this photograph.

Lips: I stay away from lipstick completely; imperfections in lipstick are gonna be way more noticeable in sunlight. I stick to a gloss. My absolute favorite glosses are the NYX Butter Gloss; they aren’t sticky, have great wear, and come in the best colors!

I’ll be posting about my go-to night time look, so keep your eyes peeled ladies!

xox Sarah Jordan

Original post on Febrauary 12, 2014 on


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