Cool Like a Fox

I can’t tell you how flattering it is to hear how well dressed my little guy is. I must admit, Ronin has a better, trendier wardrobe that I do! With the weather being as crazy as it’s been, even down here in Florida, it’s important to make sure your little one is dressed appropriately. That being said, it doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice style! Baby trends may seem a little crazy – tiny humans dressed in adult clothing, but I have to say I’m a fan of the comfort and durability of the items I dress Ronin in. Many parents say that babes don’t need to have “real people” clothing, that it’s too expensive, or that they’ll just grow out of it next week. While growth will happen, you don’t need to spend a fortune on baby clothes and hello, they are real humans! Here’s a head to toe run down if Ronin’s outfit.

The aviator hat. I’m a sucker for baby hats. This one from Curly Q’s Counter has been personalized with ‘RONIN’ on one side and ‘PILOT’ on the other. With its soft lining and adorable goggles, it’s the perfect hat for bringing fun, play and warmth into any outfit.

The onesie. Baby Gap is, for lack of a better word, genius. This particular style of onesie features a long sleeve shirt attached to a onesie base. This marvelous creation ensures minimal riding up with an extra layer of warmth. And the graphics? Adorable.

The bottoms. It is true, I dress Ronin in jeggings. With how soft and sensitive baby skin is, it seems unfair to dress a little one in true denim material. Jeggings allow for stretch, comfort, and are perfect for the skinny jean look. Carter’s, Osh Kosh, Circo, and Old Navy all sell these magnificent bottoms without girly embellishments and sparkly buttons for $10 or less!

The mocc boots. If you have a child between the ages 0-6, you’re probably privy to the moccasin trend. Well here’s a slightly modified version of the handmade moccs. These are Minnetonka Moccasin Boots from Nordstrom, and get this, only $20!! With the way these cute kicks run, you can easily get six months of wear out of them.

There you have it!

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