Cassidy Rooney’s OOTD

This little ensemble was kind of boyish inspired. I really love these black trousers from Pacsun – they’re LA Hearts and they are super affordable! They are really slouchy and crazy comfortable! It’s all the style without any of the effort. I paired them with this really cute grey crop top from Forever 21. I literally wear this top with everything. It’s a looser fit so it keeps everything classy and chilled out looking. I would also opt for a loose and oversized white tshirt if I wanted to hide my stomach that day if ya know what I mean! The beautiful necklace is simple and effective with this outfit. It’s from deadburydead. I really love simple accessories with a little boho flair and I think this necklace has it all!

My shoes are again from Pacsun, they give the outfit a little edge because they are tough platform booties. The giant gold buckle on the side really adds something to any outfit. I definitely switch these out for sandals if I want to feel more girly, but today I loved the edgier vibe. My makeup was really simple, just a cat eye and some neutral eye shadows. I put a little cream blush on for a nice flush and a nude gloss to top it all off, and Voila an OOTD!

xo Cassidy Rooney

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