Brave Little Cub

I know I’ve been so sentimental this week; seems that having your first babe turn one does that to you. Ronin has become such a little boy, not just a tiny baby. After a ten minute conversation between him and his dada last night, mostly him babbling and Galen coming up with answers, it was apparent how bright and beautiful his personality is. A day of exploring our front yard and learning just how much fun you can have with a stick, I can’t imagine my life without him. I truly love being his mama. For those of you who read this blog for the style and single lady material, excuse my gushing over this little guy. I promise there will be some wonderful fashion and outfit posts along with some great brand features coming soon! But for right now, I leave you with these…


Ronin’s Outfit Details:

Tee – Dear Cub

Jeans – Carters

Moccasins – Potatofeet

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