Brand We Love: Hoonana

image.jpgIt’s amazing how many people are connected through social media these days. I’m constantly on the hunt for the best quality and greatest styles for not just myself, but for Ronin too! Through Instagram in particular, I was able to connect with the amazing kid’s clothing company, Hoonana.

I’m so picky when it comes to bottoms for Ronin – some jeans are too rough, some are just too wide in the waist, others are just atrocious. Luckily, Hoonana bottoms are made of the softest fabric and have perfectly sized waist bands that allow your little one and the bottoms to grow together. Not only do they carry shorts and jeans, they also carry a variety of colors to fit every outfit!


After getting to know the innovative and lovely owners, I wanted to share more than just an outfit with all you lovely readers. I wanted to share their mission, their drive behind creating such a kid-friendly brand. Below is an interview giving you a bit more insight into the ingenuity that is Hoonana.

AD: What was your mission in creating your clothing line for kids?

H: We started Hoonana with the mission of designing high-quality, everyday luxe clothing for kids at affordable prices.

AD: Okay, I absolutely love the name, so I must know, what is the story behind “Hoonana?”

H: The “Hoo” is derived from our son’s Korean name while “Nana” comes from banana, his favorite fruit. We went with the concept of the banana because of its colorful exterior that protects and nurtures the fruit inside, which we thought was fitting for a children’s clothing company.

AD: I love that all your items are made in your hometown of LA. What prompted you to have Hoonana be such a close to home operation?

image.jpgWe take great pride in our products and feel it’s important to oversee our supply chain and manufacturing processes so we can successfully create the products we envisioned from the design stage. We’ve shuffled through various manufacturing partners until we found people who shared our passion for producing the best possible product for our customers. This means when we go through files and files of fabric swatches, trims, and colors for a single style, our partners are right there with invaluable insight from years of experience. We quickly realized from the beginning that this form of collaboration would not be possible if we produced overseas, which prompted us to keep things local.

AD: Through your son’s grandparents, I understand they sent back wonderful clothes from around the world. What makes Hoonana different from other children’s clothing brands based in the US?

H: We noticed that a lot of clothes they sent from around the world have fabrics that are higher in quality, have a better fit, and have comparable price points to everyday brands (eg. Gap Kids) in the US. We wanted to replicate the quality with affordable prices and push the envelope in terms of style with fit and details. Although our pants are slimmer, we use fabrics that provide stretch so that children stay comfortable. Everything we produce, we would put on our son, Isaac, which to us is the ultimate test.

AD: As a parent, you always want to make sure your child has the best of the best. Not only are your products trendy and oh so cute, they’re also made from great materials. How do you go about creating and putting together the perfect items for little guys?

H: We started our journey by going through a painstaking trial and error process to find the great partners we have today. We realized that if we wanted to succeed in making great products, it would take a whole manufacturing team who took pride in their work as much as we do. We also love hearing back from customers and put their happiness and satisfaction first. This drives us to create great products and continuously make improvements to existing ones.

AD: What is your favorite piece from your collection?

image.jpgOur favorite piece is the twill shorts, which we see as a year round essential for a warm geography like Los Angeles. Kids (and moms!) love the elastic waistband because of the comfort it provides and we chose the Peached Twill fabric so it can be worn year round. The feedback has been fantastic thus far and a mom even told us “My son loves these shorts and even wants to wear them to bed!”

AD: With an online store and availability in multiple states, are you planning on expanding internationally?

H: We are relatively new, so at the moment our priority is to introduce our brand to as many people as possible in the US. International expansion is a few years away, but it is something we talk about. We’re expecting a baby girl in September, which will probably motivate us to launch a girl’s collection before we expand internationally.

AD: What does the future hold for Hoonana?

H: We hope the future holds the same thing as it does for us today – to make children and parents happy with our clothes. We really enjoy connecting with our customers and are really taking a customer-first approach to our brand. We’d love to connect with anyone and hope they join the conversation on our Facebook page – and @hoonanakids on Instagram and Twitter.

And there you have it! What a wonderful vision for such an inspiring company. We will definitely continue to get Ronin’s bottoms from Hoonana and showing you our favorite outfits and styles. image.jpg

Pick up some sweet duds for your little one here!

Ronin’s Outfit Details:

Tee – Little Boogaweezin

Cardigan – H&M Kids

Shorts – Hoonana

Shoes – TOMS

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