Babywearing for Bridge Day


Thought I’d post a little on the wonderful time Ronin and I had in West Virginia with my parents, sister and her kids! For those of you who don’t know what Bridge Day is, it’s this crazy event where people gather from all over the world to literally jump off of one of the tallest bridges in the world!

imageI wish I had some photos to prove that there arepeople who are insane enough to do this, but alas, no purses were allowed and Ronin took up most of my carrying space. Maybe one of these days, I’ll be among the hundreds of willing humans that fling themselves from such great heights! Though it was cold and drizzly in the New River Gorge today, I was so thankful to have my double layer silk ring sling from Vienna Springs. (An interview with the lovely woman behind this great brand will be up soon, so stay tuned!)

Original Post October 19, 2014 on http://www.atlanticdaydreams,com


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