A Few of My Favorite Things

I don’t know who else has had their free time relegated to the addictive app, Polyvore, but I most certainly have. As soon as Ronin nods off for the night, we pop on an episode of Game of Thrones and the board making begins. Everything from home decor to fashion, this app allows you to truly indulge in the finer things. Because of it, I figured I’d put together some of my favorite things to share with you! These collections will show you a wide range of items and ideas, things I long for and things I’ve recently acquired. This group in particular was inspired by my favorite job – being a mama. It is such a huge part of my life, such a lovely role to play in the world.

First up, glasses. My eyes are terrible! Think looking through fishbowls being held up to your eyes. I religiously wear contacts, but being a mama, I’m up and down in the mornings and glasses are a must. While I love my Ray Bans, I recently have been introduced to the glasses site, Firmoo, by the lovely blogger Cecilia Harvard. The prices are unbelievable, and whether you’re looking to add to your accessories or genuinely need the gift of site, you’re sure to find something the fits your style perfectly.

Oh lordie, I swear you can’t have enough baby carriers. While I love my Sakura Bloom Pure Spice, Ronin is becoming a giant and I could really use the extra support these days. This sling in Simple Wheat is double layered linen that is absolutely gorgeous. If you’ve never used a ring sling before, I urge you to try one! They add style and charm to outfits, can be worn my mama and papa, and come in a variety of colors and materials. Snuggle your newborn or tote your toddler around without having to worry about the size of the carrier. And when you’re not using it, roll it up and stuff it in your bag!

Two words: lip balm. Sometimes you’re just going so fast, it’s a miracle if you get a moment to sneak off to brush on a smidge of blush or a teeny bit of mascara. I love anything that involves lip care and deliciousness. This set is from the sweet shop Evergreen Co. on Etsy. This four pack of handcrafted balms are made from ingredients you can pronounce and are available in some tasty varieties. One for my purse, one for the medicine cabinet, one for the car, and one for wherever the heck else I need it. Lip perfection.

With school starting up soon, I have one young lady heading to elementary school, one heading to middle school, and of course, Mr. Ronin Riot hanging out with me for the day. Coffee is how I make it through. I love my mugs for the house, but a good to go cup is just necessary. I constantly correct grammar and when I don’t I’m thinking about it. Just depends on how much of an ass I feel like being that day in all honesty. The kids definitely know the difference between good and well, ate and eaten, drank and drunk. Pick up this amazing travel mug at CafePress.

Oh believe me, I know antlers and deer are the trendiest of the home decor racket these days. I fully embrace this, in all my hipster glory. I’m notorious for taking off jewelry and putting it in places I’ll never remember. I’ll take off a ring, set it in the most obscure place possible, and just tell myself I’d come back in a few to put it back on… and never do. So, this beauty made it to the list today! White, porcelain, and in the spirit of all things hipster, this antler jewelry holder has found a place in my heart (and hopefully my nightstand soon, too).

I swear to you I’ll buy this gorgeous ring one day. While I don’t wear tons of jewelry, Nora Kogan is one of those amazing designers that makes you want to. Her jewelry is insanely gorgeous and unique. This “Mama” Ring has made it on to a few of my favorites lists and will continue to keep me enamored, hopelessly in love.

Lastly, and by no means the least, Jeffrey Campbell In Love Flats. I don’t know how it happens, but my heart skips a beat, my stomach gets butterflies, and I feel pure bliss when gazing upon any of these magnificent shoes. These floral flats look like they were made to be worn with every single outfit I have. You can get these beauts on Nasty Gal for $90. I know for a lot of us mamas, it’s hard to spend that much on ourselves, especially on accessories, but a good shoe investment makes a huge difference. Floral can dress up jeans and a tee or add the perfect touch to your date night outfit. Oh, the places these shoes could go! I swear, the addition of these flats to my wardrobe would warrant selfies and photo-ops of which I can only dream… and what a sweet, wonderful dream it would be.

So there you have it! A few of my favorite things, mama inspired.


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